Not all Mainahs talk good but I aint gonna make fun of them fowa it

Some people say that Mainahs don’t really talk the way I do. Probly not, but theya aint no reason to insult people just cause they don’t talk good like me. I gut what is known in othah pahts as a traditional Maine acksent.

Of cawse all Mainahs don’t talk the same way. That’s like believin all people in Mexico speak Mexican. Cawse they don’t! Most of them speak Mexican, but I heeya some Mexicans even talk Spanish. Magine that, speakin a forrin language.

Same heeya in Maine. We don’t all talk the same. Bunch of different acksents. Fowa instance, you gut some people who speak all hoyty toyty, pronouncin theya ahs and gees. You’ll find most of them down in Kennebunkpawt and places like that, drinkin impohted beeya and micro brews. I hahdly evah go down theya. You know my motto – If it don’t say Budweisah, don’t drink it! Yessah.

As I said, not everyone up heeya can talk and write good like me. It’s a gift from Gawd, I spose, which is why I don’t brag about it too much. My friend Ned Petahson was the best snowmobile ridah I evah seen. He once rode his skimobile across six miles of open watah. Wicked excitin. Then he ran out of gas. Powa Ned.

But my point is, if Ned had lived he probly wouldn’t have bragged about his open watah snowmobilin. When you gut a gift, you don’t brag and you don’t put othahs down. English aint exactly the easiest thing to mastah, but it come pretty easy fowa me. I heeya some people even go to college and majah in English. Not me. I didn’t need college. I leahned everythin in only five and a half yeeyas of high school. Guess I’m a little smahtah than them college graduates. But I aint braggin.

So to those people who don’t like the Maine acksent and ah confused bout how we talk heeya in Maine, we gut a little bit of everythin up heeya fowa ya. And besides, as long as you like huntin and fishin and snowmobilin and fowa wheelin and beeya drinkin, we don’t really caya how you talk.



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